VideoNet security platform

The integrated security platform combines video surveillance, access control, security and fire alarms and provides comprehensive protection of facilities of any complexity.
VideoNet is a modern multifunctional intelligent video management platform which provides the possibility of implementing video surveillance, video and audio registration, powerful video analysis, controlling security and fire alarm sensors, relay outputs and different equipment.

VideoNet system allows you to connect and to use a wide range of devices: video/audio capture devices, analog and IP-cameras, microphones, controllers of alarm sensors and relay outputs.

Skyros Corporation has been developing software and hardware for video surveillance since 1995. The first version of our PC-based VMS VideoNet was released in 1995. It was able to store video from CCTV cameras to HDD drive as well as transmit video via telephone lines.

We were the first company in the world to release 4 channel real-time capture card and also to offer 16 channels real-time video surveillance and recording system with software compression. VideoNet reference list includes well-known international companies, banks, industrial plants, airports, subways and safe cities. Some of our customers manage over 10,000 cameras in their systems. We have good references from international companies and governments for our reliability and ability to fully meet customer needs.

For instance, Samsung plant in Russia is using VideoNet as their internal security system as well as Riga, capital of Latvia, is using VideoNet as the city surveillance platform. You can find many other examples of large-scale VideoNet application here and on the following pages.

Create your own solution and optimize installation and maintenance expenses by selecting proper tools and equipment, using a comprehensive approach, and the latest software technologies of video content analysis, capabilities of integration of security and fire alarms, access control, industrial automation in a single system.
We are open to integration of third party equipment as well as providing open platform to integrate our system.

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