Quest II security system

A hardware and software complex designed for management of access control on facilities of various sizes from a small office to a few buildings. Spheres of application: industrial companies, public companies (institutions), banks, business centers and offices, trade companies.
The main purpose of ACS QUEST II – delimitation, control and registration of access on company territory, its branch offices and geographically dispersed sites.

ACS QUEST II provides:

  • Access Control in passageways
  • Access delimitation in passageways in compliance with time and employee status
  • Analytic data collection about discipline
  • Personnel work time registration
  • Building of Enterprise Integrated Access Control System scattered on geographically distributed servers

Integration solutions by SKYROS Corporation:

  • Project development
  • Custom-design
  • Installation and implementation
  • Service support
  • Technical support and training

Key benefits:

    • High reliability and stability
    • Simplicity and speed of implementation
    • Scalability
    • High functionality
    • Wide integration possibilities including video surveillance system VideoNet
    • Easy operation
    • Affordable price and low total cost of ownership

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